Tips and Tricks for beautiful photos on your wedding day... 


Natural light is always better than artificial.

Festoon and fairy lights do bring a whole lotta magic to your evening shots

Overcast is actually better for photos. If it’s bright and sunny then I will be shooting portraits in a shady spot. This way we don’t have harsh shadows and squinty faces.

Afternoon light - the later the better! Lets avoid that harsh midday sun

Golden Hour - This is that sparkly time where the sun is about to set. If time and schedule permits, let's get out into it and take a walk, I will walk alongside and snap away a beautiful afternoon stroll. It's a fine time to soak up a little bit of post knot tying bliss!


Keep it real. My style is all about the real deal. So take this special time to acknowledge the moment and enjoy each others company. I won’t pose you unless we have discussed doing so, I’d rather capture the honest beauty of your wedding.

Get comfy in front of the camera. If you dread the camera but want some lovely photos, spend some time getting comfortable being in front of the lens. I offer a small couple shoot which can help with getting use the being photographed.

Have a look at what you love in photos. Send me any wedding photos you have seen that take your breath away. Take note of what you like, is it the light, editing style or the way the couple are captured? Obviously if it’s taken at a wedding in Santorini but we are in Geelong, I will do my best!

Keep me in the loop If anything changes or there are exciting moments about to occur. I do my best to capture everything but knowing what's about to happen ensures I will have the right lens and exposure to get my best shots.

A little quiet spot. I appreciate a spot to put my camera bag and to have a glass of water. It’s sometimes a very busy day so a quiet spot to change lenses and stay hydrated is greatly appreciated.  

Parking. If there is somewhere I can park, please let me know, as the time it takes me to get to the venue on foot could mean missing special moments. If there is no parking I might have to Uber to save time.

Food is fuel. It’s important that if I am being served a meal from catering, it happens toward the beginning of service. Nobody wants their photo taken while they are eating, so I take this opportunity to put my camera down and refuel. This way I am back on my feet and ready to go before the speeches begin.